Terms & Conditions

General terms

Terms and conditions are subject to changes without notice. Orders have to be confirmed by MONOPOLE WINE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Ltd.
Please read these terms of sale carefully before placing your order and retain a copy of these terms and your order for future reference. These terms and conditions apply to all wines, spirits or other goods or services supplied by Monopole wine portfolio management to you.

Unless otherwise stated, prices are in GBP, Per case or per bottle as indicated, Inclusive of VAT and duty, Exclusive of delivery charges, Provisional and subject to our confirmation, upon acceptance of order

Payment is due on reception date of invoice – unless otherwise stated on the offer, and may be made by bank transfer or card payment. Until all sums due to us have been paid we shall be entitled to retain possession of any goods to which you would otherwise be entitled. If any payment is overdue we shall be entitled to suspend deliveries/collections and charge a 20% cancellation fee.

Title and Risk
We shall retain title to all goods (other than goods in your direct physical possession following delivery or collection and payment in full for those goods) sold by us until all the sums due from you in respect of any order have been paid. Risk in all goods shall pass to you as soon as we notify you that they are available and earmarked under your order. If goods, within our ownership, are held by any third party on your behalf you will upon our request instruct that third party to hold the goods to our order.

We undertake the proper safekeeping and storage of wines in our possession and will act in good faith when purchasing wine, but we will not be responsible for the state and condition of wines or whether the wine corresponds to the qualities that might be expected from its description. At our complete discretion, we will consider replacing the remainder of any case sold which is not drinkable.
Unless otherwise agreed wines are sold in the indicated packaging (normally OWC Original Wooden Case or OCC Original Carton Case), and in pristine condition (full to the neck, no damage to the label and capsule, no American strips). Wines bought need to satisfy the same conditions to be accepted and paid. Payment will trigger once the received wine conditions have been checked. The conditions of wines of 15 years old or older correspond to the general condition of the wines of the same vintage.

The placing and accepting of oral orders shall form a contract on these terms, conditional upon our written confirmation of order that may be by the delivery of an invoice.

Any indication as to when wines will be available for delivery or collection is an estimate only and is not intended to be binding. We will notify you once wines are available and you must give at least 48 hours’ notice before collection. National or international transport may be arranged by us as your agent at the rates of charge indicated. Shall MONOPOLE Wine Portfolio Management store your wines on your behalf the warehousing and insurance charges will be passed onto you on a yearly basis (rates subject to changes).
If you wish to store the wines yourself you will be responsible for your own storage charges. Unless otherwise agreed, transport is at the risk of the buyer.

VAT, European Union
Shipping to a country within the European Union
a. If the receiver (delivery address) is exonerated from VAT in the receiving country, the invoice will be ex VAT and UK duty
b. If the receiver isn’t exonerated from VAT, the invoice will include UK VAT and UK duty tax
Shipping outside of European Union: The invoice will be ex VAT and UK duty tax
If wines are bought In Bond, the invoice will be ex VAT and UK duty tax

Export formalities
It is essential that we are made aware during the order of all the administrative formalities required by the country where the wine is delivered to. We can be held liable in case of seizure of the goods by the custom due to lack of documents if we haven’t been asked to submit them.

Shipping – delivery insurance
Unless otherwise specified, shipping costs are charged to the client. There might be additional costs covering insurance during delivery depending on the value of the wines. These additional costs are charged to the client. Please contact us for quotes.

Force Majeure
We shall not be liable for any failure to meet our obligations occasioned by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

All our contracts are made under English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.